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Julian Assange has now been imprisoned for six months in the maximum security Belmarsh Prison in London, following close to seven years of arbitrary detention inside the small Ecuadorian embassy.

In our Perspective of October 12, the WSWS stressed the political conclusions that must be drawn: “The record demonstrates that there will be no defence of Assange or democratic rights by any section of the official political and media establishment. The constituency to free class-war prisoners such as Assange and Manning, and to defeat the turn to authoritarianism, is the international working class.”

A conscious orientation to the mobilisation of the great strength of the working class must come to animate all the important protests and other initiatives in defence of Assange. The coming weeks and months will witness escalating political action, ahead of the February 25 hearing at which the British state intends to give the green light for Assange’s extradition to the United States. Among developments this week was the visit to Julian by artist M.I.A. The WSWS posted an interview with her here.

A demonstration is also taking place at 9:00 a.m. on October 21, outside the Westminster Magistrates Court in London where Julian is scheduled to appear in person for a pre-trial hearing. The WSWS and SEPs are promoting the rally on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and we urge you to help spread the word. M.I.A and fellow rap artist Lowkey will speak at a rally in support of Assange outside the UK Home Office in London on November 5. Julian’s father John Shipton is also a confirmed speaker for the event.

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Unser Support in Berlin:
Jeden Mittwoch Mahnwache #CandlesForAssange gegenüber der US-Botschaft

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