WSWS – Internationale Unterstützung für Assange!

Der aktuelle Newsletter (31.01.20) der World Socialist Website mit Informationen zu aktuellen Aktionen in England, Australien, Neuseeland und Kanada:

The Socialist Equality Parties in Britain and Australia have announced a public meeting in London and rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in February to demand the immediate and unconditional release from of imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and courageous whistleblower Chelsea Manning. In New Zealand, the Socialist Equality Group (SEG) has called a demonstration in the capital Wellington on Sunday, February 23. In Canada, the SEP is holding a public meeting in Montreal this coming Sunday, February 2.

Assange’s extradition hearing begins in London on February 24. The British courts will decide whether to flagrantly disregard fundamental democratic principles and dispatch him to his American state persecutors. The WikiLeaks founder is threatened with a show trial on charges of espionage and the prospect of a life sentence of 175 years for exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, global diplomatic conspiracies and human rights violations. It is the responsibility of all those who defend democratic rights to develop the campaign to win his freedom.

In Britain, the SEP will hold a public meeting in London on February 23, featuring international speakers. They will outline the fundamental political issues at stake in the fight for Assange and Manning’s freedom, and the necessity for the independent political mobilisation of the working class in their defence.

Please help to advertise the meetings and demonstrations as widely as possible via social media. Organise speak-outs and other public events and campaigns to promote them. Call meetings and pass resolutions at your workplace, university or school defending Assange and Manning and committing to send delegations to the rallies.

Free Assange! Free Manning! No to US extradition!

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